Here you will find some general tips to making the most out of your cleanse.  I am not a nutritionist, health professional or doctor.  I am someone seeking results like you and I want to share a few things I’ve learned along the way.  Below the tips I will list a sample of what this could look like for you.  To start this conversation I’d like to remind you that you have just spent $$ on this cleanse.  So remember your WHY and follow the guidelines as strictly as possible.  You are making an investment in yourself.  When you invest in the stock market, don’t you want the highest possible return???  You started this cleanse for a reason.  Let’s begin there.


Your why should be something that is powerful.  You should be able to feel it in your bones and in your blood.  You should be able to taste and see it right in front of you.  It should be physical, spiritual, mental, EMOTIONAL.  I heard once that your WHY should make you CRY.  That’s when I found my why.

When the motivation leaves you; when 6 am comes too soon, when your brain thinks your muscles can’t do that last rep, when your feet don’t want to take the next step, what is it that keeps you going?  Your WHY.  Above and before everything else, have a why because that’s what is going to keep your fire burning.

TIP TWO:  Drink Copious Amounts of WATER

Honestly, drink as much water as you can stand.  But if you like instructions, aim for half your body weight in ounces.  So… 150 lbs = 75 ounces of water, which = 2.5 Nalgene bottles.  I aim to get 3, 1-liter bottles of water every day (96 oz.).  This gives me a buffer for the days that I’m active.

Water has so many benefits because our bodies are 70% of the stuff.  Especially in the morning.  While you are sleeping your brain finally gets to dump out all the toxins its taken in throughout the day.  Your cells shrink about 60% in size to make room for the fluid that is excreted while you sleep.  SO– first thing in the morning, drink AT LEAST a full glass of water.  This FLUSHES your body out so that all the junk can be released from your body.

While you are taking products (probiotic, fiber, and cleanse tablets) your body is getting an extra push to flush things out.  If your not drinking water you may experience headaches and general slugglishness because more energy is going to your digestive system, which requires water to move things along.

Think Nike, and “just do it.”


Plan your day so you know WHEN to take the products.  Pair it with other habits you already have.  Have everything out and ready to go so that you don’t forget.  Make your plan the night before.  Once you do the first day, then day two will be pretty easy.  From day three on it becomes almost second nature.  By this time you should be experiencing some benefits (more energy, perhaps better sleep, less space occupied in your bowels) and since our brains are wired to respond to pleasure you will likely start to naturally gravitate toward taking the products in order to continue to gain benefits.


For optimal results absolutely abstain from: sugar, alcohol and dairy.  I would also recommend avoiding grains and ingredients that elevate your insulin.  When your body goes through an insulin spike it is triggered to retain fat.  In order to lose fat you want to feed your body the things that tell it to burn fat.  As Shawn Stevenson likes to say, “Food is information.”  We all have fat, muscle, and cancer cells.  In order to gain or lose these things, which impact our health in the long run, we need to understand how the things we eat effect our body.  Processed foods and sugar turns our cancer cells on.  Dairy turns on inflammation.  Protein feed the muscle cells.  For more information, check out the world of nutrigenomics.

There are SOOOO many options of wonderful meals you can make that do not include these items.  Focus on clean protein and tons of greens and veggies.  Don’t love greens?  Put them in a smoothie and CHUG.  Get fresh fruits and veggies in your diet and you will start to feel so full of energy, focus and vitality!  Not sold?  Focus on what you CAN eat and find something you LOVE and start there.

Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.” -Arthur Ashe


Walk, jog, lift; 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 67 minutes.  Play basketball, run around with your dog or your kids, bike to work, walk to school, park farther away from everywhere.  Whatever makes your heart happy!  Do movement that you ENJOY and I promise you you will move more.  Many people think you must RUN for 2 hours every day in order to get fit.  Guess what?  That doesn’t work.  Your body goes through so much hormonal stress when you run and it significantly increases your cortisol levels WHICH CAUSES YOUR BODY TO STORE FAT.

Want to lose fat?  Lift heavy weights and move more in general.  Hate running?  No big.  Check out something like OrangeTheory or CrossFit, if those are your things.  Do yoga or pilates.  Try a Barre class or go to the trampoline park.  Again, find something you LOVE and “JUST DO IT.”

Building muscle keeps us young.  Muscle is more expensive for your body to carry around.  In other words, your body has to expel more energy (burn fuel, fat=fuel, so, burn FAT) in order to the maintain the muscle on your body.  Gain muscle=burn fat.  Side note:  Don’t compare your level ZERO with someone else’s level TEN!

<——– If you start like this (and that is OK!)…

It doesn’t mean you

compare yourself

to that ———–>


Strength in numbers, they say.  If this is something you want and you don’t know if you’re disciplined enough on your own, grab a friend or few to do it with you.  Could be your brother, co-worker, girlfriend, spouse, neighbor- ANYone!  Last summer I had someone I follow on Instagram reach out to me to be workout accountability buddies.  We never met in person, but we texted each other daily to check in about our workouts, plus we’d encourage each other on our posts.  It worked well!

Point being, when you have a pal in it with you you are less inclined to give up.  When one is feeling down the other is there to help.  Choose someone you enjoy or are inspired by and perhaps that has different strengths than you.  Probably not your friend that you tend to drink too much with, or who throws your off your schedule and makes you stay out too late and spend too much money.  Still coming up dry?  Contact ME!  I’ll be your friend. 🙂


  • Night before:
    • Set out products
    • Plan meals
      • breakfast
      • lunch
      • snack
      • dinner
    • Plan movement
    • Plan how much water you’ll drink and when you’ll drink it
  • Morning:
    • Wake up
    • Brush teeth
    • Use the bathroom
    • Drink a HUGE glass of water (go for 1 liter, or a full Nalgene)
    • Take Probiotics
    • Finish getting ready for the day
    • Mix Fiber and Spark with water (take to work, or drink with breakfast)
    • Eat breakfast
  • Afternoon:
    • 20 minute workout on lunch break
    • Eat lunch
    • Drink another liter of water
  • Evening:
    • Eat dinner
    • Take OmegaPlex
    • Wind down from the day
  • Bedtime:
    • Take Herbal Cleanse tablets

***This is simply an example.  There are as many variations are there are people on this planet.  Start with this and then make it your own.*** 

Remember: If you have a powerful WHY and a plan, you are bound to find success.