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In short,

Making music is what I am made to do.  While reaching for my highest goals, I create so that I can pass along what I have learned.  I will perform and teach for the rest of my life.

My Story

As a child I realized I could sing in tune with the radio.  At that point I decided I would endeavor to learn music.  In no way did I imagine it would take me around the world and help me touch so many lives in a positive way.  My first goal with music was to travel and to inspire young people.  By age 18 I was able to accomplish these goals!  Now I seek to become to best musician and teacher that I can in order to contribute everything possible to this world.

My music education began by my eight-year-old-self with an old double-keyboard electric organ in the back room of our small Southern California home.  The following year I picked up violin in school.  After taking off with the violin my parents set me up to take lessons with a fantastic bluegrass fiddle player, Barbara Whitney, to capitalize on my initial growth.  Those three years were a blast, however, I realized just how much learning I had to do once I began my serious music studies at the Orange County School of the Arts, in Santa Ana, CA.  Scales and orchestral standards became my world.  During my first year at OCSA I picked up viola and by the start of my sophomore year, age fifteen, I made a complete switch.  At this point I finally started with a viola teacher.  First I studied with Cathy Alonzo, and a few months later I graduated to her teacher, Robert Becker.

Becker took me all the way through my Bachelor of Music in viola performance, first at Chapman University and finally finishing at Azusa Pacific University.  Much of the way I play and teach today I attribute to the ways he taught me.  After college I worked a salary position and played and taught music on the side.  Eventually I made my way back into the music world landing in the D.C. area as a full-time freelance musician.  This all led me to where I am now, pursuing my Master of Music in viola performance at the University of Delaware, studying with Sheila Browne.

Next up: Doctor of Musical Arts.  Eventually, I will join a national-level symphony and teach at a university.  For now I will continue to work diligently and positively impact the lives of every person I encounter.  Be that a student, teacher, colleague or friend.

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